We can help you. We do custom development on a fee basis.

Following is the guidelines to send your requirements

  • Start capturing our screenshots and add notes on it, so that you could better explain
  • Write the additional fields required in the vouchers. Example, Payment voucher needs an additional reference field
  • If a new report is required, write the functionality of the new report, and the calculations for the new report. Use an excel sheet to explain us better
  • If you need improvement in the existing reports, mention the columns and the calculations
  • Write the printing changes required for the new functionality or for the new fields
  • If you need a different workflow, please mention the steps from screen to screen. Feel free to capture the screens and annotate the screens with a red marks
  • If you have existing examples from you existing software, please send the screen shots, so that we can better understand them
  • Write in steps, instead of big paragraph
When you are ready, send your requirements to [email protected]

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