Where is the demo link?
Please register and login. Then there are links for demo companies.

Online Or Download or Mobile

Where is the download link?
This is a online software. There is no download link.

Will it work offline ?
No, this software does not work offline.

Will it work on mobile ?
Yes, some parts of the software is available on android mobile.

Registration and Login

How do I start using the online accounting software ?
You can do the Registration Or, you can directly login with a Google Account.

Do I need any extra hardware or software installation ?
Our software is 100% internet online and resides and runs on Google Cloud. Hence, you do not need any extra hardware or software installation.

Software Trial and Subscription

What version of software is included during the trial period ?
During the trial period, the complete software is available for you to experiment and use it.

What happens to the data at the end of the trial period ?
At the end of trial period, you can enter into a suitable subscription with us. You can continue with the same company and enjoy. Or, you can also create a new company and start fresh.


Can I use GainERP on all the browsers ?
Yes you can open reports in a different tab with in the same browser.

Can I open reports in a different tab ?
Yes, you can open and do voucher entry of the same in multiple browsers at the same time.

Can I open the same company in multiple browsers ?
Yes, you can open and do voucher entry of the same in multiple browsers at the same time.

Why would I open my company in multiple browsers ?
You would open the company in multiple browsers to analyze/view data of your company.

Security and Data

How secure is my Data ? More Info
GainERP rides on the infrastructure and security provided by Google’s Cloud platform.

I want to have my data always with me, even if i am not on internet ?
Use our Android mobile app, and most of the data will be with you, even when you are offline

What if the Cloud shuts down?
We understand that no one can promise eternity, but the risk can be reduced. We have given export to excel option in many screens for your convenience, so that you can easily switch into other softwares

Pricing Plans

Is there a set-up fee?
No. There is no set-up fee for any of our plans.

Can I change my plan at any point?
Yes, you can.