Dec 2018

Mobile Improvements
Redesign Menu screens
Able to do edit of Sales Invoice/ Sales Order
Able to do edit of Expense/ Job

Nov 2018

Mobile Improvements
Create Sales Invoice
Create Sales Order
Create Job
Create Expense

July 2018

More Reports
Sort & Filter in reports
Pivot style reports for branches

March 2018

Payment Received
Bank charges in Payment Received.

Feb 2018

Sales Invoice
Discount for line items in both % and No.

Jan 2018

GST fields in Sales Invoice.

Dec 2017

Custom Reports
Custom reports are possible on custom fields.

Nov 2017

GSTR1 excel generation.

Oct 2017

Field Service
Improvements in creating a Job with custom fields.

July 2017

Field Service
Able to add multiple appointments for the job.

Feb 2016

Very big design change of all screens.

Nov 2015

SMS Manager
Send SMS for Outstanding Receivables

October 2015

2 Sales Reports
Sales By Sales Executive
Sales By Sales Area

September 2015

Able to create and add the items to Lot
Assign serial number for the product
Track Inventory using lot/serial #

June - July 2015

4 Offline Reports
Outstanding Receivables
Outstanding Payables
Overdue Receivables
Overdue Payables

May 2015

5 Offline Voucher
View New Sales Invoice
New Purchase Invoice
New Receipt from Customer
New Payment to Supplier
New Sales Order

April 2015

Android Mobile App Offline/Online
Available Stock
Item Transactions

Feb 2015

Android Mobile App Offline/Online
View Supplier Transactions

Able to create product variants

Jan 2015

Android Mobile App Offline/Online
View Customer Transactions

Nov 2014

Android Mobile App Offline/Online
View Customer No and Call with one click
View Customer email Info and email with click

Sep - Oct 2014

Sales Order
Create Sales Order
Raise partial invoices for the sales order
Deliver partial goods for the sales order

Android Mobile App
View the customer balances offline or online

July - Aug 2014

View Redesign the opening stock user interface

CForm Receivable

May - June 2014

Custom reports for Invoice and Quotes
Custom Fields for Invoice and Quotes

Group Taxes: Able to choose more than one tax for the invoice line item

Mar - April 2014

Customize the labels through out the application and documents

Printing support Receipt/Payment/PurchaseOrder

Jan - Feb 2014

Better printing support for sales invoice

Low order stock report

Dec 2013

Purchase Order
Create Purchase Order
Partially or completely raise the invoice for the Purchase Order
Partially or completely receive the good for the Purchase Order via the Receipt Note

Nov 2013

Do stock transfer between Warehouse
Do a stock conversion/journal

Statuatory Report
Service tax report

Sep 2013

Create a Bill of Material (BOM)
Assemble a product

Create Warehouse
Able to specify Warehouse in most of the inventory vouchers like Receipt Note, Delivery Note and Item Adjustment

Aug 2013

Receipt Note
Raise a purchase invoice for the receipt note
Stock Item Adjustment
Cost Centers now fully supported in all accounting vouchers

Sales Reports
Add Sales by Date Report

June 2013

Setup a company with any Currency and select your beginning Accounting year
Cost Centers(Beta)

Add discount column for quote line items

May 2013

Delivery Note
Create Delivery Note
Raise the invoice for the Delivery Note

Create Warehouse
Inclusive of tax for line items in the Invoice

March 2013

Create Quotations
Convert Quotations into Invoices
Print Quotations

Faster Trial Balance display

Jan 2013

Product Setup
Assign Groups and Categories for the product

Inventory Report
Report by Product-Group
Report by Product-Category

Dec 2012

Debit Note
Introducing the Debit Note
Reconcile debit note with a invoice

Inventory Report Improvements
Drill down on the 'Report by product' report to view product transactions

Nov 2012

Accrual Expense
Book taxes while creating accrual expense

Credit Note
Credit Note against a Sales Invoice

Product Setup - UOM
Able to create a simple UOM. The UOM is shown in Invoice, Printing Invoice and Inventory report

Oct 2012

Invoice numbering
Able to configure the numbering scheme for Sales Invoice

Aug - Sep 2012

Product Setup/Inventory
Able to enter the opening stock quantity and value for stock item products
Generate Weighted Average Inventory valuation report

Expense Ledgers report as a bar chart in the dashboard
Sales by product report under the Sales Reports menu

July - Aug 2012

TDS Payable
Easy TDS Payable for the Accrual Expense

June 2012

Balance Sheet reporting as per REVISED Schedule V1

Demo Company for all new users
Improved the look and feel of the Ledgers screens

April May 2012

A grand new look and feel

Easy Payment/Receipt voucher entry from Sales and Purchase Invoice
Easy TDS Payable/Recievable voucher entry from Purchase and Sales Invoice

Enhanced functionality on the Trial balance. Able to see the Group/Sub-group balances